August 2015 Update

August 2015 Update

Welcome to the August 2015 update.

Footfall Analysis – To get an idea of the number of people coming to Otley town centre, the Chamber and the BID are trialing innovative and affordable footfall counters, which give data on how many people have passed key locations in the town centre. The monitors note the number of people walking past and at what times. From this indications are given of which streets have steady footfall, which streets are the busiest on which days and of course overall footfall rate. Discussions are underway to ensure good spreads of main streets are covered.


Enhancing Otley’s Market Days – The BID is working with partners to develop a new look for Tuesday market days and the market managers have agreed to introduce this if at all possible. So now we welcome your thoughts on what should be done, ie. Play facilities, history days, advertising opportunities, auctions, craft fairs, street entertainment and bands, such as those recently playing under the Buttercross? There is also an opportunity to widen the entertainment to neighbouring streets. If you have any ideas, the wackier the better, please contact Peter Mudge at

Also we would like to hear from existing BID members whether they would like to expand their offering to a market stall on either a Tuesday or a Friday, which the BID is planning to fund? This will be offered on a first come first served basis for an initial 3 month period. The stalls would be branded Otley BID and businesses would also have the opportunity to add their own style. If you are interested please email

Did you know…that Leeds City Council knows Otley and Wetherby as the only 2 identified tourism areas in Leeds! This is something that we are working on as it gives us a unique opportunity to team up with Leeds to promote ‘What’s On’ in Otley and get our message out to the masses.


Defibrillators – Following a recommendation by Peter Jackson, Landlord of The Otley Tavern Pub, the BID and the Chamber of Trade have shared the cost of purchasing 2 life-saving defibrillators. These will be located centrally within 2 businesses in the town and staff will be trained on how to use them in an attempt to restart the heart should someone have a heart attack. However, it is worth noting that these are public defibrillators that can be used by people with little or no training in the case of an emergency.


Property – In September we will continue to focus on the long-term task of working with landlords and commercial letting agents to fill the empty shops and offices with businesses we would like to see in the town. A poll will be undertaken to understand which businesses we feel we need in Otley. Watch our Facebook, Twitter and website for further information.


Business Directory – Interested in being included within the Otley Business Directory free of charge? If you are a BID levy payer please contact Peter Mudge ( with your contact details if you would like your business including.

A guide on how to use the Business Directory once you have received your login details from Peter, can be found below:-

How to use the Otley BID Business Directory

At a time convenient to you, please log in as detailed below.

  1. Via an internet browser go to
  2. Click on forgotten password. Make sure you use the email address registered with the directory and the BID and click send.
  3. You will receive an email (within 2 hours) with instruction how to create your own password.
  4. Type in the name of your business and press search
  5. Click Manage Business
  6. BID reference number. Check this is the correct levy number for your business
  7. Name of levy payer: Check this is the correct name and if not alter.
  8. Trading name: Check this is the correct name and if not alter.
  9. Tick if your business is retail. By this we mean is your business public facing.
  10. Leave visibility as ‘Public’.
  11. Email address should already be entered.
  12. Telephone: Add the phone number you wish people to contact you on.
  13. Add your website address if you have one.
  14. Add Twitter address if you have one.
  15. Add Facebook address if you have one.
  16. Add Google+ address if you have one.
  17. Description: Add a description of your business. Remember this part is intended to help you gain customers.
  18. Summary: Add a shorter version of number 17.
  19. Your business should already be attached to a “tag”. If not please contact me with an appropriate word and I will add it in for you. Businesses can have more than one “tag” ie: hairdresser, nail salon.
  20. Logo: Add your company logo if you have one. This will be seen next to your details when anyone does a search.
  21. Images: Upload up to 12 pictures to promote your business.
  22. Click: Save Business.
  23. Click: Back.

Please note: All the data you input onto your page will be visible to other BID businesses and the general public. No other business has access to your page. The BID directors have administration access but would never alter anything on your page without prior discussion. *The BID Manager works on Mondays, Fridays and Thursday mornings.

New Business Registration

Register today and a member of the BID team will be in touch to book in an onsite visit.