March 2016 Update

March 2016 Update

Welcome to the March 2016 update.

As you all know this month is the lead up to another exciting Tour de Yorkshire event for Otley on Saturday 30th April. With both the men’s and women’s race starting in the town we are expected to welcome a large number of cyclist and family visitors who will be looking for Otley to give the riders a great send off and a day to remember.

With this in mind we have been busy in the background bringing lots of projects to fruition:

  1. Refurbishment of Street Furniture – Painting of the street furniture is progressing (traffic lights, signs, lampposts etc) and the aim is to get key areas done before the Tour de Yorkshire on 30th The work has been arranged and overseen by Otley BID and Leeds City Council have agreed to fund all equipment used. Had it not been for the BID suggesting a solution whereby Community Payback undertake the work, it would have remained undone for a considerable time or forever, as the Council is having to do increased work with ever dwindling resources. If any businesses have an unpainted area they want to draw to the BID’s attention, please email
  1. Otley Economic Bulletin – As we know, the Tour will draw a huge crowd into Otley and through TV coverage it will promote the town to hundreds of thousands of people. If the town looks great on camera this will encourage many to visit Otley at a later date and bring family and friends. In addition, extra copies of the Bulletin are being produced by the Chamber of Trade which can be handed out when the crowds assemble. It is vital the journal looks exciting to visitors so they will take it away to look for offers and attractions available in the days and weeks following the race. The more volunteers there are spending 15 minutes handing out brochures, the better the long term benefits for Otley, therefore if you can spare 15-30 minutes on the day, please contact
  1. Ornamental Bicycles – ECON Engineering is a Ripon company which is the UK’s largest manufacturer of gritters and salt spreading vehicles. For Otley’s tour it has kindly agreed to powder coat 12 bicycles which can then go on display around the town. The next challenge is to get some bikes to be painted. Therefore could anyone with a pushbike they are willing to donate, please email
  1. Flags – The BID is undertaking a project with Prince Henry’s to place flags around the market place showing items associated with Otley. Co-ordinated by Shane Green and 5th and 6th form students, the flags will be up in time for the big race.
  1. Window Artwork for Empty Shops – There are also plans to place vinyl graphics in windows of premises not yet open to make them look more visually appealing. Here’s an example of what we are potentially working on:

Otley Window Art

  1. Window Displays – Finally on Tour de Yorkshire preparations, could all businesses please arrange window displays in readiness for the tour. However, in this crazy world in which we live, Welcome to Yorkshire has copyrighted the phrase Tour de Yorkshire so you are advised not to use those words. But to add to this advertising opportunity, please decorate your premises and, if possible, head out onto the street with handouts. The advice from LCC race marshals is that with so many people around, static displays outside shops will be removed so, on that day, please avoid putting them there in the first place.
  1. Bunting – We have purchased 1,500 metres of colourful bunting which will be used to drape down both sides of Boroughgate and across the Market Place in advance of the Tour.
  1. The owners of the Bay Horse Inn, has confirmed they will concentrate on making the exterior of the building more attractive in time for the tour. This will include removing the To Let sign and hopefully returning some or all of the colourful floral display.

Aside from the Tour we are also working on the following projects:

Street entertainers are being sought so ever more colour and attractiveness will come to Otley town centre. However the BID’s intention is for the entertainers to be based away from the Market Place to encourage shoppers to walk past more shops. It is hoped the entertainers will start soon after Easter and anyone wanting to become involved in any way should contact

Digital Hub On 22nd March, Otley BID got a mention by Central Government as part of its initial investigation into the potential to develop high tech digital hubs across the UK. Otley has been asked to provide ongoing information for the team overseeing the project and hopefully we can be chosen to lead a small town project in 2017. Otley has a good number of hi tech companies and the BID is eager to promote successes in order to draw more such businesses to the town.

Market On 15th and 16th April the trial new look market stalls are due to go on display on the market place. The BID has been discussing ideas with the council for several months to see continued improvements to the appearance of Otley Market. The Market should be an ever increasing draw for the town bringing shoppers and business people to all locations. The better the market looks the stronger the benefits to Otley.

The BID is continuing to work on all the projects promised from the outset and updates will be included on Facebook and Twitter and in future editions of the Economic Bulletin.

New Business Registration

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