February 2019 Update

OTLEY BID CLEAN UP Welcome to Otley sign

February 2019 Update

Welcome to the Otley BID February 2019 Update, giving you up to date progress on our current projects.

The Big Otley Clean Up

After undertaking an assessment of signage around the town we are in the process of cleaning, de-cluttering and removing signage which has been left to deteriorate and look unsightly, with our “Clean Up Otley” Project.


We have been:

  • Cleaning the Welcome to Otley style signage on the routes into the town, to make them readable and more attractive to our visitors.
  • Making more visible directional signage by cutting down overhanging trees and bushes.
  • Requesting the removal of historic excess signage from Leeds City Council, for example the New Road Layout signage which is now old news.
  • Removing street litter which has built up over the months.

OTLEY BID CLEAN UP New Road Layout Ahead - Junction Pub

As you can see we are literally on a mission to clean up Otley!

OTLEY BID CLEAN UP Signage and posters removed

If you know of some signage which needs a good clean, making more visible or needs removing please contact us. Alternatively we’d be delighted if more people could get involved and get their mops, buckets and shears out and help make Otley sparkle again!


Street Furniture Maintenance

In line with the signage clean up we have also been assessing areas where the street furniture around the town needs some TLC. We have therefore arranged the following:

  • Scaffolding has been removed from the Market Square which housed the Christmas Tree.
  • Unsightly concrete bollards will be replaced by black conservation bollards outside Nam Jai Thai on Manor Square.

Get Ready for Spring/Summer Events

With a big Spring/Summer programme of events on the horizon, Otley BID are encouraging businesses to be ready to welcome thousands of visitors. We should be giving visitors to our town a reason to come back by making sure every building looks its absolute best.

What's On In Otley

Whether you have a shop front or office, on the ground floor or even on the first floor or above, please take a moment to consider what you can do to help the town look inviting & somewhere visitors want to come back to time and time again.

Otley Carnival
Photo Credit: Steve Davey

Winter Street Gritting

We have been pleased to see footpaths being gritted via a quad bike out of LCC Yeadon depot. We will continue to monitor this on behalf of businesses, ensuring Otley is always open for business, whatever the weather!

Otley snow

Business Rates & How to Reclaim

Tenants – issues  surrounding rent reviews and repairs, etc can be a problem for businesses operating from leasehold premises. Tenants are often reluctant to challenge a rent review, demand for repairs or even a notice to quit. They either take what they are told by their landlords as ‘gospel’ or assume that seeking advice will be too expensive, even though this may save them money (or even their business) in the long run.  This needn’t be the case.

Otley Business Premises To Let

Otley BID and Otley Chamber of Trade are considering setting up an advice service to assist levy payers/members access the services of a local experts to support tenants by helping them understand their rights, mediate to resolve disputes and negotiate to achieve fair settlements on rent. This advice could also extend to rates valuations and appeals.

If this would be useful to you and to give your view on this please contact admin@otleychamber.co.uk or info@otleybid.co.uk.

We’re Here to Help

As the next 5 year term starts on 1st April 2019 is there anything that you are bursting to tell us that we should be doing? Don’t keep ideas to yourself, speak to us, we may be able to make your idea a reality. Please email us at info@otleybid.co.uk.


New Business Registration

Register today and a member of the BID team will be in touch to book in an onsite visit.